Evisi Group

EVisi is a software and IoT hardware company from Auckland, New Zealand.

We enable commercial electric vehicle operators to reduce operating costs and transition to low carbon transport by making fleet charger optimisation and electric vehicle telemetry easy to manage.

Charge Manager

Fleet EV Charger visualisation and control.  EVisi systems provide a common view of your fleet chargers across sites and charger types.


OCPP Compliant charger management

Communicate with any OCPP compliant charger to allow data acquisition and control


Fleet Charger and connector monitoring

Monitor status and measurand data communications for chargers and connectors.


Charger Scheduling

Schedule charger start and stop times and allow your site users to access charger kiosk systems.


Site level charge data reporting

Charger specific reporting across sites and charger groups

How it works

OCPP compliant charger visualisation and control

EVisi Charge Manager gives you online access to all of your charge site data.  It communicates via OCPP protocol with each charger and allows you to control charger output no matter what brand or type of charger.

Its your single charger dashboard for all your admin and technical and vehicle driver staff.

Charger Site Energy Optimisation

EVisi algorithms optimise charger output profiles to minimise site electricity peak demand and cost.


Site charger optimisation

Use the EVisi optimisation engine to create charger output profiles for minimum energy demand costs while ensuring you vehicles are charged when they need to be.


Multi site charger relationships

Relate chargers to sites and manage individual site ‘time of use’ energy constraints.


Site charger touchscreen kiosks

Your site staff can access charger data and controls from a single onsite screen


Site Energy metering

Include site transformer metering with charger management algorithms for complete site energy management

EV Telemetry and Location monitoring

Electric Vehicle fleet telemetry visualisation and messaging.  EVisi hardware and software systems can read your electric vehicle data from custom CANbus networks.

Driver touchscreens for alerts and data visualisation


Vehicle Data Integration

Communicate with any eBus or vehicle data network to obtain electric motor, battery and other vehicle operational data.  EVisi can customise to your vehicle needs


GPS Location tracking

Monitor location and speed data along with depot and custom speed zone geofence alarms


Monitor Battery Health

Set charge rate status boundaries and monitor battery temperature changes over the life of the battery.  Create battery health reports


Improve Driver efficiency

Monitor driver styles against braking regeneration and battery consumption.  Use data to train your staff for improved vehicle efficiency 

EVisi platform features

The EVisi fleet vehicle and charger systems are based on flexible modules to enable users to access the functions they need to manage emobility services across sites and company departments.  We provide a platform to visualise and control charger and vehicle types from multiple vendors and technology types.

Data Analytics

EVisi includes a flexible reports engine that your staff can use to generate custom reports. Heat maps, tables, line and bar charts as well and predictive machine learning algorithms are all easy to use.

Our Technology

Our technology stretches from edge compute device hardware and software to dashboard visualisation for all facets of electric vehicle operations. We're continually evolving our products with new hardware and software components to get the best efficiencies new technology can offer.

Fleet Management Solutions

Company departmental and site location structures can be complex. EVisi dashboard solutions are hierarchical in nature and able to fit your corporate structure and user needs. EVisi has a complete user security module to ensure the right people have access to the right controls and data

EVisi Service

We're here to work with you to optimise your fleet chargers and vehicles. We're independant and focus on delivering benefits for your company.
We know all our customers have individual needs. We're able to customise our solutions for your specific business requirements.


Let us help optimise your EV fleet and site chargers !

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